Bynder x OnBrand
video awards

Congratulations to this year’s winners, the Amsterdam-based storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea! Check out their video and get inspired.

top 20 video

Europe’s leading branding conference
October 11 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands
top 20 video list

For the second edition of the video awards, we've teamed up with Bynder to showcase the most remarkable examples of branded video content. We’re inviting companies from around the world to demonstrate their creative storytelling talents, submit a video, and have the chance to win a travel voucher worth €2000, as well as two free tickets to OnBrand ’18 in Amsterdam.

To participate enter your email and submit your video.

meet the jury

Rachna Dhall

Creative Diractor, Iris Amsterdam

Christy Srisanan

Creative Director, MediaMonks

Richard Hol

Executive Creative Director, Nomads

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